Get your Music Videos On Vevo

Create your official Vevo artist channel, seamlessly upload your music videos, and retain 100% of the royalties you generate. 1604ENT makes it effortless and affordable to showcase your visuals on Vevo, maximizing your earnings and amplifying your music’s reach.

How to get Your Music on Vevo

1604ENT: Video Distribution Service

1604ENT streamlines the process of getting your music videos on Vevo, ensuring your visual content reaches a wider audience and generates substantial revenue. With 1604ENT, you can focus on creating exceptional music while we handle the technicalities of Vevo distribution.


Create a 1604ENT Account

To embark on your Vevo journey using 1604ENT Video Distribution Service, begin by registering a 1604ENT account. Simply click the "Sign Up," button below and provide essential credential. Once registered, you're ready to proceed with the next step.


Set Up an Official Vevo Artist channel

With your 1604ENT account in place, it's time to create your official Vevo artist channel. Navigate to your dashboard and click the "Vevo" Tab. Provide the necessary information about your artist channel. Upon submitting this information, 1604ENT will create your Vevo channel.


Upload your music videos to Vevo through 1604ENT

With your official Vevo artist channel created, you can now seamlessly upload your music videos to Vevo through 1604ENT. In your dashboard, click the "Upload Videos" button and select the videos you wish to upload. 1604ENT will handle the uploading process, making your videos available for fans to enjoy.


You Get Paid

Once your music videos are live on Vevo, you'll begin generating revenue from them. 1604ENT will collect your royalties. There can be a wait time of up to two-three months between uploading your videos to the platform and your royalties arriving. You'll retain 100% of the royalties earned from Vevo, maximizing your financial rewards.

Video Distribution Service

Embrace the Pros of Vevo

Enhanced Visibility

Gain exposure on Vevo’s vast network, reaching millions of music enthusiasts worldwide.

Increased Engagement

Boost fan engagement with high-quality music videos on Vevo.

Higher Earnings Potential

Maximize your earnings through Vevo’s monetization opportunities.

Give your Brand a More Premium Image

When it comes to branding, your artist/band will appear to look more premium with the ‘Vevo’ tag on it. People who love music know who ‘Vevo’ are, and are likely to at least love a few artists and bands who are also on Vevo.

Vevo Music Video Requirements

To ensure a seamless and successful upload process, Vevo has established specific technical requirements for music videos. These guidelines aim to maintain high-quality standards and ensure compatibility across various platforms.

Video Distribution Service

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